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What Clients Are Saying

Cindy is simply the best. She has stuck it out with me for two years trying to find a home and she has delt with every change, obstacle, and has answered every beck and call. Cindy remains positive yet realistic and makes you feel like family. It was an A+ team.

Steven Wentworth

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I was referred to her by someone who just bought a house with her, who said, “I was crazy not to go with Cindy.” Thank GOD I listened. Her kindness, expertise, and her willingness to look out solely for the buyer was above and beyond. As a first time buyer I had no clue what I was doing. She will guide you through everything with a very quick response time. She went to every Open house that I asked to go too (MANY). Her daughter, Julia, was the best addition. Together, they made me feel like they were family and truly wanted what was best for me. So now, I can confidently agree, you are crazy if you do not go with Cindy!!!!!

Megan Nehiley